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partners & sponsors


Jim Browning
Jim is a scambaiter who became an internet sensation as he made videos on youtube about scambaiting. He is, as far as I know, the second biggest name in terms of subscribers in the scambait genre. You can find Jim’s video on his channel.

John Hammond
John is a youtuber and leading expert in the field of cyber security. His youtube videos have undoubtedly inspired thousands to take up cyber security, I myself remember watching him compete in a ctf against his friends when I was getting started. You can find his channel here.

NeeP is an extremely accomplished scambaiter, often bridging the gap between the scambaiting community and general public. He is able to conduct details and technical investigations, and use his connections to reach the audiences who need to hear it. You can find his youtube here and his website here.

FT is an elite group of scambaiters and cyber security professionals. SpamBaitMail is a public FT project. FT’s public discord can be found here.

Team SDS
Team SDS is the most active scambaiting community on discord as far as live calls and voice chats go. They foster a welcoming community and are avaliable at teamsds.net.

Scammer.info is one of the largest scambaiting communities, with over 30k members. The community is active and constantly supplying numbers to bait. Scammer.info is avaliable here.

Scam Hunters
Welcome to Scam Hunters a growing community of people who enjoy messing with scammers and shutting down their operations. We do not wait around for scammers to call us; we are the ones bringing the fight to them! Join us and see how much fun scambaiting is and learn from some of the best scambaiters in the community! Join here.


NoPE: NoPE has supported me and my projects from the beginning and runs the awesome community over at Team SDS. Massive shoutout to him, our very first sponsor!

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To claim a donation, email me at [email protected]. Please send the amount and your address before sending the payment so I can confirm that it was really you, otherwise I will give credit to the first person to contact me about it. You decide whether you want it to be a personal donation to me, or to fund this and other projects I work on for scambaiters. By default I will put it towards the projects.

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