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The AVAH Outreach Group

AVAH(Awareness Victim Advocacy and Help) is an all volunteer group that bridges the gap between scambaiters and victims, as well as interacting with victims directly. If you have access to victim information, but you are unsure of how to properly help them, don’t risk someone not receiving help that could change the future of their life because you didn’t know what to say. If you are in this situation, you can email the AVAH at [email protected]. Below is the information you should have ready in your first message to them to make sure they can be helped with as little delay as possible.

We accept information on PCH/ Jamaican Lottery scams:
Scam :
Scammer name:
Scammer number :
Name of Victim/Mule:
Amount asked for:
Bank name:
Account #:
Routing #:
How funds are to be sent:

We research the information, if it is determined to be a Victim they will be contacted and if contact is unsuccessful we will call their bank and report it for elder fraud. If it is deemed a Mule the bank information is sent to Cyber at the appropriate bank.

Money Mules for Indian Scams, Email 419 Scams, Social Media scams, Etc…:
Scam Type:
Bank name:
Account holder name:
Account #:
Routing #:
Amount scammer requested:

Mail to information can only be reported on PCH where we will contact a Victim or report a Money Mule to FBI.
Mail to Indian Mules can be difficult so we urge Baiters to push for a Bank Account.

We can accept Western Union, Zelle, Paypal, Cash app, and Bitcoin Wallet accounts also …but the likelihood of success in shutting them down is slim so we urge Bank information. We will also will accept websites associated with a scam. We call victims in real time and are NACP Certified Victim Advocates specializing in Scams and Identity theft, Fraud and Trauma.