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scamhelp.info: a site dedicated to guiding victims

ScamHelp.info helps victims recover in the wake of scams. The site serves to help educate victims about a variety of scams, as well as start them on the path to recovery by connecting them to victim advocates. The site is formated in a flipbook style; the idea behind this is to make the text large enough for elderly victims to see and simple enough for them to navigate it. The site covers refund, lotto, technical support, romance, relative in need, medicare, and a slew of other types of scams. After navigating the slides, the victim will be presented with a contact form and the support email. Once the reach out, each victim should get a rapid response, and will get the help of some of the most seasoned experts in victim advocacy. The aim of the site is to help people, so it is open to any scambaiter and every victim who could benefit from it. I’d also recommed sharing it with your loved ones who are at risk of being scammed before they become victims. This site has no way to donate, and has no ads or sponsors. I make nothing in telling you to visit.

Stay safe,