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how to deal with amazon phishing emails

Amazon Refund Scams:
So, You may have heard of scammers doing something known as a “refund scam” and may have no idea or may have never heard of it. Let me begin by answering the basic questions so you can better understand this scam and hopefully prevent others from being scammed

What is this scam:
A Refund Scam is a scam which claims you bought something and if you didn’t you need to call the provided number to cancel it right away. This is usually a iPhone, Laptop or other high end, highly sought after electronic device.

How does this scam work:
You will get an email or a phone call claiming you made a purchase of XXX.XX USD/GBP/AUD/CAD (X = a number ranging from 0 to 9) and if you didn’t you need to call the number attached or press a pre-defined number when promoted. Othertimes they’ll claim they detected suspicious activity on your account. Note, Amazon will never call you about suspicious activity. Upon calling the number provided or pressing the number key on your phon which “connects you to an agent” you’ll be instructed to use a keybind (Combantion of keys) which is the windows key and the letter “R” key at the same time, this brings up: “RUN” which they’ll instruct you to open a website, however thi may vary and they’ll ask you to open Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or any web browser you may have on your desktop. They’ll ask you to download a program such as TeamViewer, AnyDesk, Supermio or another type of remote desktop protocol (RDP for short) program so they can connect you “to the secure server” which is essentially them connecting to your device rather it’s a phone or computer. They’ll then open cmd.exe (Black box window, with white text) and type out a command which is supposed to “connect them” to the secure server, they’ll then tell YOU to enter the right amount which you need to be refunded for, they’ll then enter an extra number usually a 0 to increase the amount owed by around 10x the original amount. They’ll than act as if you’re going to cost them them their job because you alledgedly misclicked an extra number when you didn’t they’ll then instruct you to open your bank account, dim your screen and use “Inspect element” to change the displayed amount of funds in your account (Please note this is just editing the display of the site, it doesn’t really change your balance) they’ll undim your screen and show you have more money than what was in your account orginally, then tell you you need to go to the bank and withdraw the money, via the mail or purchase gift cards once you did this, they’ll add you to a list where they’ll call you a year later and try the same thing.

What to do if you or a love one fell victim to being scammed by a Amazon, PayPal or Apple refund scam?

  • Call the bank.
  • Call the Courier Service used to issue the money.
  • Contact your Local Police Department right away and tell them the address where your money is going.
  • Disconnect your power, internet and find someone who’s able to remove the illegal access from the device.

How to prevent being scammed

  • Don’t call any numbers claiming you bought something, Call your bank to confirm if you’re not sure.
  • Don’t listen to any email which claims if you didn’t buy something you need to call them to get a refund. Call your bank to confirm.
  • Don’t send any payments to any Post-Office box, Appartment or non-corperate office, No company will charge you for a refund.
  • Don’t use Gift Cards, These are sold for Bitcoin which breaks the ability for your money to be traced easier.
  • If someone says they need access to your devices. Hangup and disconnect the internet.
  • Remember no comany will have you use an RDP client to access a protected server which they claim is “Secure”

- Pavel M. Kravkenko