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reporting spam mail

Reporting spam can be a bit of a hassle; you may not even know where to begin, but we will get you up to speed in no time. The first step you should take is to use your in app reporting tools to mark the spam mail as junk or malicious, whatever the provider allows.  Your second step should be to head over to spam.org. They will strike the network the emails were sent from, and share your report with many sources, who will take their own action against the spammer. Your next step should be to head over to ftc.gov, where you can use their form to report the spam to the federal government. This step is probably less needed; the ftc is a slow machine, and you aren’t likely to see them do much to fight for you. Your final step should be sending it to us! We want your spam, and you can send it to us at [email protected].  We will take any kind of unsolicited mail, but scammers and malware are always the most fun. If you are interested in catching spammers yourself, a guide to find them is avaliable here.

Happy hunting!