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how to get spam emails

Amateur scambaiters are often plagued by one problem: it’s hard to get numbers to call. Scammer.info is a great resource, but many of the numbers are dead, and the pop-ups are taken down before scammers get a chance to view them. So what is the solution? Become independent!  Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ll feed him for a lifetime. So, today we will be teaching you to fish for email scammers. Your first step, of course, is to get a new email just for bait. We are going to fill it to the brim with spam, so you wouldn’t want anything legitimate on there. You should disable any spam protection that comes with the email provider you chose. Now that your account is set up, head over to mailbait.info. Their service is simple enough: just drop in your email, and they will sign you up for spam. With that complete, you are going to want to visit the Mugu Guestbook and sign up there. They won’t push you onto email lists, but they will publicly list your email so it can be scraped by bots. The third place to visit is the offerwall section. The companies that advertise there will sell your information directly to scammers, so it’s a great way to get connected. Be sure to disable your VPN when accessing the offerwalls! I will get banned, and your entries will be discarded if you use a VPN. You will have to wait some time for the scam lists to trade hands and be sold, but these emails are like fine wine; the longer they age, the better they get. Once you complete these steps, you will have an excellent source of scammers for the rest of your baiting career.

Happy hunting!