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obtaining clean ips

One way to get access to a fair number of residential ip addresses is by tethering your computer to your phone. Doing this can allow you to get access to a residential ip address easily that you can change by toggling airplane mode. If you want to do this, enable the hotspot on your phone and connect through wifi or usb to your computer. Once you are connected check the ip address on api.ipify.org. Once you get the ip address, check it on this website to see if it is a clean ip. Ideally you want an ip with an ip quality score of 0, but as long as it is 28 or below it is still usable for finding scam popups. Make sure to enter the ipv4 ip that you get into the ip quality score since many ad networks seem to check that ip address and will not serve you malicious ads if it is too suspicious. After you have used this ip address for a little while, you can switch the ip address by turning off the mobile hotspot, toggling airplane mode on and off, waiting for the phone to reconnect to cellular data, and then toggling the mobile hotspot back on again. Make sure to check the new ip address.