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about this site

This site has the sole purpose of giving scambaiters access to scam/spam friendly ad networks. I will post offerwalls, ads, paid link shorteners, surveys and more here. This site should help you find popups and scamd and malware (oh my!), and should help to bring the largely ignored facilitators of scams out of the shadows and into the scopes of scambaiters.

In my testing before making this site, I shared the link to an offer wall, and I was banned after recieving a single sign up and about a hundred views. Most likely this was because of people spamming the forms with vpns. It is important that you do not report the ad links, just report the sites they lead to if they are malicious. Be sure to remove any tracking information from the links before you submit a report. Please do not repeatedly fill out the same survey. I am sure most of you could bypass the protections on this site with a bit of effort, but they are more of a heads up than anything else, but in doing so you will inevitably help the scammers by cutting off access for other baiters. Residential proxies may be effective, but they are either slow and expensive, or a bit slow and very expensive.

You can find a better solution than proxies or vpns here.

So, best etiquette is as follows:

  1. No proxies
  2. Do not excessively interact with the same ads (for offer walls you can do multiple)
  3. Do not report the ad links on here, just the sites they lead to.
  4. Ask for help. You can join our discord here, or just email me.
  5. Share! If you find something interesting, share the link with other baiters. If you have a funny email scammer, you can forward the emails to [email protected] and I might put it in a post on here.
  6. If you would like to submit your own article to be posted, or if you have found a bug, you can send it to [email protected]. You can of course use the discord too.

If you would like to contact me with a suggestion, I am avaliable at [email protected], and in our guilded server.